Notes From A Hot Mess Blog Test 1

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Get me to those dusty streets where my soul soars.

travel hints

Get in my face

food hints

Run, meditate, repeat. 

mindset hints

Keep turning up, keep creating,  be brave af.

creative biz hints

this is to see if it’s all linked up ok

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Welcome to the ELS journal. Over the coming weeks, months and lets hope years, I will be posting all my more long form contents, the photos that Instagram will have. Listicles, Infographics and all the other stuff that I want up on my site, so that perhaps I can refer back to it at a […]

welcome to the journal


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A Practical Guide to Mindset for Creatives

Mindset is the story you tell yourself about yourself. It underpins much of who you are in your daily life and therefore what creative work you feel called to make. 

This Bullet Journal 101 and Practical Handbook will give you a way to have intimate conversations with yourself on a daily basis. A way to invite that story forward, a way to navigate your path.

the handbook

Mindset for

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