If you've found yourself at a pivotal stage in your life and you'd like someone to talk though your options with, I'd like to help.

I have a wealth of experiences around making the bold and sometimes unconventional choices that led us to be living our dream life

mindset coaching

let me set you on the path you most deeply desire

Get clear on your path + start taking the first steps

Giving yourself permission your to dream your best life is always the fist step towards living it.
Getting clear on your intension and start sending that intension into the future. It will naturally get you taking the right actions to start making it a reality.

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I'm so proud to have written a full e-course for Sisterhood Camp. This online members forum has a wealth of online course on all areas of life. 
My course 'Shape up for the Hustle' digs deep into finding your big 'why' and taking the first big steps to getting there.

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Are you in need of clarity?

If you see yourself taking the road less travelled, but you're worried what your nearest and dearest will  think. I can help you develop a stronger 'don't think just jump' mindset. 

one off pep talk

If you feel that your whole life needs a big 'ol shake up. That you're not feeling fulfilled and you want to explore what it could, and should look like instead. I can help.

Big Changes

Twenty years of hardcore travelling, over half with a young family. You name it, road schooling, tropical illness I'v dealt with it. Need some practical advise? I can help.

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