You've got loads of amazing ideas, like LOADS, but you're stuck working out which is 'the one.' You either go from one idea to the next, pivoting again and again until your head is spinning. Or, you might be the person with lots of ideas you never move forward, and it just makes you feel like crap.

Does this sound familiar?

You are the person that from the outside looks like a total creative powerhouse, but no one knows that on the inside, there are sooo many mean voices chipping away at your confidence. (Yes, I can hear them, too! Spooky right?! Was it a teacher that did NOT get you? Or an auntie that looked at you like something sticky they found under the seat of a bus?)

Basic life shit is hard when you have a super creative brain. It can feel like everyone else is gliding effortlessly through life, while you're left desperately trying to keep your head above water. Does it feel like a struggle to remember to pay the electricity bill, buy cat food, let alone write the damn book or start the damn blog?

When the creative brain can't overcome itself, it can leave you feeling pretty damn demoralized and like you might as well just give up and go binge watch Netflix. You might be thinking, "To hell with being creative, 'imma go create me another tequila!

And YES, you know deep down there is a creative fire burning in your belly, and you have incredible gifts to give the world.

But you’ve also had a lifetime of never quite nailing it. Never quite managing to execute on all the awesomeness that’s in there waiting to get out. You’re often left wondering if everyone but you got a vital email or a complimentary copy of some instructional handbook on life. Years of trying to just keep your head above water have left you feeling frustrated and downright demoralized, and the worst is, you’re not even sure what it is you need to change! You just know you want to get your creative super-hero cape on and start feeling like a badass, like finally.

Yes! You are a uniquely awesome human, with sooo damn much potential.


You try and keep a brave face on it, but inside you’re pretty damn ready to give up on all the creative malarky. Like, “What the hell is the point of having all this so-called potential if you never seem to be able to DO anything with it?”


It doesn’t seem like much to ask, to be able to ‘do creative life’ and feel like you’re actually getting somewhere. I mean, Frieda and Pablo did it, right?!

Are you so sick of feeling like a creative genius trapped in the body of someone who can’t seem to get their shit together?


You KNOW you’ve got to crack the code and get your actual shit together, once and for all.


It might feel after years of stop/start, try/fail, that you are never going to be that creative badass of your dreams. I'm here to tell you; DON'T GIVE UP. It doesn’t have to end like this, with you, the cat, the Kettle chips, and the TV remote.

I have beeeeeen there! 

You know you can’t keep on like this, wasting your universe-given talents and wasting your precious time.


While everyone else thought I was a big-shot adventurer, all book deals, and magazine articles, I felt like an epic failure because I couldn’t get my damn shit together. Really. NEVER. I never felt I was doing myself justice, always apologizing for late emails, unsent invoices, never once feeling like anything close to the best version of myself. I might travel to far-flung places and take beautiful photographs, but I felt like I was on a constant mental rollercoaster with a lunatic, a lunatic who had a taste for tequila. I wanted out. After years of my battling my mental BS, I found the greatest voyage of discovery was the six inches between my ears.

I started digging into MINDSET, and as the green LCD countdown on life got into single digits, I FINALLY felt the key turn in the lock. Whaddya know??!! It turns out that for highly creative folk red wine, mustaches and jaunty berets are not the answer — it all about your MINDSET.

And then I had the moment where everything clicked

Wondering what exactly Mindset is?

“Your Mindset is the conversation you’re constantly having with yourself, about yourself.”

How would it feel to finally know what direction you're meant to be headed in? AND to have a crystal clear vision of how you're going to get there? What if you had done the DEEP work and now know what really makes you tick?

Think about waking each day with passion in your belly and the determination to get shit DONE. To feel like you have a real hold on yourself. To feel like one of those people with all the matching stationary. To finally quiet the tired old voices that say, "you'll never do it.” To replace them with the A-Team / Rocky soundtrack. To glow from the inside out with newfound self-esteem.

What if you realized you had a full-on crush on your new badass creative self?

Getting super-duper clear on what you and your creative work are really about.

Tapping into that creative passion, find the mission, see the meaning behind it all.

Creating a clear vision for your and your creative life and start working with it. I’ll challenge you to make it something big that you can get your full weight behind.

Seeing what has been tripping you up till now. 

Needling out and turning the volume right down on those un-helpful voices that are not serving you.

Introducing | Get It Together

THE Mindset Coaching PROGRAM for Badass Creatives

Working on the one all-important conversation in your head, your self-talk.

Making you your own cheerleader and not your tutting aunty.

Ensuring that your mind and body are really working together to support each other.

Setting up practical, usable structures to support you in your creative work, and we’ll hold you accountable in real-time to the goals you set yourself.

Celebrating your successes, and course correcting when needed.

What we'll tackle...

We'll do it together.

Before I booked coaching sessions with Emma, I was very skeptical about asking for outside help in my creative journey. Now I wish I had done it sooner! Emma’s lyrical style of coaching does not show you the door to creative enlightenment. Instead, it shows you something far more powerful, that you are already holding the key to that door, and the only permission you need to open it is your own.

Emma sheds light on the darker, dustier corners of the creative mind, offering practical advice and resources as well as philosophical prompts via her own experiences. There is true intellectual depth and unfeigned humanity in her approach to coaching, and I always felt mentally and, dare I say, spiritually, refreshed after our sessions. There is this line by Seneca on her website: If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.

"Emma not only helped me to rediscover my creative North Star, but she also put the wind back into my sails."

the reviews are in!

- rebecca


"I cannot express how helpful and inspiring our call was. I am so grateful for your time, knowledge, and encouragement. I have been in an incredibly dark place this year, and our sessions gave me hope and excitement for the first time in a very long time.

I now have the courage to think that I can actually change things and carve out the business that will work for me. I felt that you really listened to and understood me, and on top of this, you gave me very practical advice. It was all a rather magical experience! So, a very big thank you again. I would love to have further coaching with you. I really believe it would be a very good investment in myself and from a business point of view!"

"I now have the courage to think that I can actually change things and carve out the business that will work for me."

the reviews are in!

- Emily


"Working with Emma as my creative coach has been immensely valuable. For the first time in my life, it felt good to be honest about myself, my projects, and share about my creative mind with someone who not only gets it but also helped me shift my mindset to a more positive one. It was amazing to feel Emma encouraging me every step of my creative journey. 
I had wanted to start a project, but I worried that it would be silly or crazy. Emma’s guidance and coaching helped me see the value in what I wanted to birth, and that I wasn’t crazy! She made me feel at ease and gave me the necessary clarity and conviction I needed for my writing project. 
I highly recommend Emma to any highly creative person who seeks a safe sounding board, an expert friend, someone who’s walked the walk (and walks the talk!), and who can help bash down limiting beliefs or push past our own self-critic.

Through Emma’s knowledge and expertise, we’ve been able to work together to help me find more fun in my work, and through the creative process as a whole.

the reviews are in!


Emma helps replace it with a healthy mindset, and a realization that whatever we dream is possible, and is needed in the world.

As a creative, I’m often doing many things at once, and as soon as I start something, another idea comes flashing in my mind saying “pick me and bring me into the world!”, and as an idea-pleaser, I tend to say yes to them all to the point of overwhelm, stress, and exhaustion. 

She’s amazing at listening, asking the right questions, shedding light on what is pertinent/relevant, and does so without judgment. She has a way to make you feel heard, seen, understood, and I am so grateful for our coaching sessions. 
I feel more confident and more valued to do what I want to do in the world as a writer and digital creator. Thank you, Emma, for everything!” 


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Personal Philosophy

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