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What if starting a creative business didn't have to feel like rock climbing?
What if it could feel like taking a road trip with your best friend?

I work with creative adventurers who are ready to bring their stories and their business to life.

Find Your
Creative Fire

If you want creativity to feel like an adventure instead of a struggle, we need to understand the way our energy works.

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When you take the quiz you’ll receive a personal analysis of your creative type. You'll also receive type specific instructions of how you can get the most out of the Mindset for Creatives Practical Handbook! 

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So you know your creative fire type?

Are you a Wild Inferno?
A gently Crackling Hearth Fire?
Glowing Embers waiting to ignite?

You can dig further into how to best to sustain your creative flames with the FREE Mindset Magazines.

It all start's with a spark

If you're ready to build a vibrant creative business that will naturally attracts your dream people. You're ready to give yourself permission to be extraordinary.

Permission to take the time to get clear on your personal message, to uncover that unique story you are here to tell and to bring it all to an audience who'll be waiting to hear what you have to say. 

Permission to be Extraordinary

1-to-1 Coaching & Mentoring for Creative Adventurers

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Each illustrated workbook gives practical techniques you can use to work with your Creative Mindset.

These workbooks contain simple exercises you can takeaway and personalize into a daily practice. The workbooks fully explain the psychological evidence and ancient wisdom that underpin the exercises, so that you can understand the research and then choose how best to integrate them into your business and creative life.

Mindset for Creatives

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"Emma not only helped me to rediscover my creative North Star, but she also put the wind back into my sails."



At the heart of my work is a belief that vibrant people create vibrant businesses.

I believe that the closer you come to expressing your true creative essence the more vibrant your business will become. 

I believe that it is by giving a voice to that essence, by telling the story you were meant to tell, that you can grow a business that is true to you, that resonates with your audience and that'll be able to take you on a journey to wherever your heart desires.


more about me + my story

I'm emma, A creative coach and mentor.

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A Practical Guide to Mindset for Creatives

Mindset is the story you tell yourself about yourself. It underpins much of who you are in your daily life and therefore what creative work you feel called to make. 

This Bullet Journal 101 and Practical Handbook will give you a way to have intimate conversations with yourself on a daily basis. A way to invite that story forward, a way to navigate your path.

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Mindset for

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