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In short, I’m an ‘all in’ kinda gal, who’s chosen the road less traveled (and more beautiful) every step of the way. 

It’s been a wild ride, and the adventure has taught me a lot. I'm about creativity, about passion, about overcoming limiting beliefs, and finding new strengths you never knew you had. I’m obsessed with making sure no creative gets left behind. So if you’re a creative person who has a love/despair relationship with the wilder parts of our nature, we have A LOT to talk about.

My travels have led me across the globe, and my voyages of self-discovery have led me into the worlds of eastern wisdom traditions and modern neurochemistry. 

As a born wanderer, I soon knew that life’s everyday adventures would be my greatest challenge. My creative quirkiness was quickly evident and not always welcomed by a world seeking the direct route. So, I started my other great journey, that of self-discovery and understanding creativity as a blessing, not a curse.

Hey, there!

I'm Emma!

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