This is a retreat inviting embodied relational exploration into how we show up in our relationships, for ourselves and with others.

Whether you want to clean up your relationship to self, or whether you are wanting deeper intimacy within relationships,

this 5 day retreat is offering a strong container and journey to do just that.

5 days of curated and held space for us to deepen and broaden into our connective tissue.
A clearing space for us to have more awareness, capacity and joy in our intimate relationships.

There will be ceremony, sharing, deep process, and inquiry

There will be searching, shifting and sustaining.

We will leave lighter, expanded and richer for the time we have committed to this all important work.
We will reclaim our innocence and our passion.

We will become advocates for the depth of human connection that is possible in truth.
 In Love.

We will have given ourselves the gift of better relationships.

Do you feel inspired to heal something fundamental in terms of you and your relationships?

“We are held in a web of relationships, from the earliest point of form, right up to the last breath we will take.
 End of life reflections are renowned for reflecting on our experience through connections and relationships, and yet adult humans often struggle with this aspect of life.” 

The 7 Sessions

Session 1 :
Boundaries, Identity and Truth.
Making relationships and choices that reflect who I am.

Session 2 :
 Coming into connection, with self and others. 
Getting curious about the ingredients that open us to deep intimacy?

Session 3 :
 The wisdom of the heart
 Opening to the oxytocin and an open state of connection.The sensuality of being in a body.

Session 4 :
 Dealing with conflict within and without.
Finding movement in a stuck place. The art of making a strong decisions.

Session 5 :
 Finding a new vision. 
opening that to the slip stream of creativity and manifestation.

Session 6 :
 The practice of self forgiveness.
The pathway to essential freedom.

Workshop 7 :
Meeting the freedom of self acceptance

 sessions that we will hold during our time together.

The retreat will be held in Marrakech across 2 breathtaking locations, both chosen for their architectural and natural beauty.
The first is The Maison Brummell a newly designed boutique riad. It will offer a closeted nurturing environment where we will drop gently into our retreat headspace. Sumptuous velvet sofas to simply 'be', to think and to journal. Sunlit tables to come together and share enquiry and ongoing journeys, and a skyline rooftererace for sunset movement and music sessions. 

The third morning we will relocate to the Agafay Desert, to Scarebeo Camp, where under the stars and sky we will continue deep into our work, with the natural environment aiding our deepening and widening enquiry. Fireside evenings, kaleidoscopic sunrises, solitary walks and sharing deep communal connections, we’ll dance our embodied discoveries, celebrate our shifts together, and return transformed through our experiences and with our new patterns.

The space will be held by myself, narrative coach, meditation teacher and long term marrakech expat. Utilising my 20 years in marrakech, with 10 years running and holding retreats, I will create a seamless experience where nothing will detract from your luxuriant time, thus enabling you to fully focus on your own inner and outer experience. This retreat will be unparalleled in its beauty and attention to every detail, transformational and unforgettable in every aspect. 

The therapeutic space will primarily be held by Dominique Sakoilsky. With over 30 years of experience working with couples and families and individuals she is true gift to each soul she encounters. Her wisdom and ability to ask the questions that are wanting to be answered, to see the truth that often lies just below the surface and to exact transformational experiences in those willing to have them is untold.
We’ll also have on hand the assistance of 2 other exceptional therapists. Peter is a highly regarded Thai massage and acupuncture therapist. He’ll also be offering water therapy, an extremely potent modality for those working with trust issues in relationship. Treatments available to all those interested to supplement and support their journey. We are also joined by Rachel who’ll be leading and holding the ceremonial singing sessions that will start and end our days, she herself is a shadow therapist, and will complete our incredible team.  

All those wanting to experience more intimacy, depth and authenticity in their relationships.

All those wanting to experience more ease and clarity in their relationships.



who is the retreat for?

All those wanting a better relationship with themselves to act as a cornerstone for all other relationships.


All those seeking to heal the emotional bruises of childhood that can take you out of healthy relationship with ‘self’.


All those wanting to heal childhood bruises and free themselves of wound around attachment. 


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