What's the next
chapter of your story? 

Is it about building a vibrant creative business that naturally attracts your dream people? 

If so, you're in the right place.

creative coach + Business Doula

Building an online creative business is NOT all that complicated, but that doesn't mean it feels easy.

It's about showing up, day after day, and that's tough.

The real secret is that there is no secret.

But You don't have to do it alone.

What's the secret to building a creative business?

Build your brand.

Turn up

Build your platform.

tell your story

Build your audience.

find your people 

Here's creative business in a nutshell...

How long have you been wondering if your creativity could become an online business? 

But maybe you got stuck thinking that starting an online business seemed too complicated?

Here's What You Need

Coaching to get clear on your essence

In the spirit of classical coaching we'll work together to uncover a personal essence that you are happy to move forward with. This is the vision to guide your work. 

practical support building your platform

This is about getting your hands in the earth. Or on a keyboard. Once you're connected to your story and eager to tell it you'll have step by step guidance to building your perfect platform.

mentoring in the techniques that grow your audience 

And now the fun begins. Your story is your creativity living out it's dreams. We'll keep on keeping on, engaging your dream people ready to convert them into eager customers whenever you're ready.

"Before I booked coaching sessions with Emma, I was very skeptical about asking for outside help in my creative journey. Now I wish I had done it sooner!”

- rebecca

Living life with the glow of being connected to your creative fire

Getting shore footed on your creative path



How does this sound?

building your own vibrant creative platform


feeling inspired to create day after day


sharing content with the people who care


These zoom calls form the backbone of our work together.
We'll connect every 2 weeks, depending on your own creative rhythms. We'll hold space for you to fearlessly explore your big dreams for your brand and we'll get deeply curious around what's holding you back.

8 x 90 min video coaching calls

8 x personal guidance emails  

After each call you'll receive a beautifully simple bullet pointed email. It's unique format will offer reflections and a recap of what we discussed. Plus a reminder of any actionable next steps that you've agreed on. Also I include a link-tree to quickly access all the support resources for your coming weeks.

Voxr, loom, screen share support. 

If at anytime between our calls you need extra help I'm always only a click away. Happy to exchange voice messages on Voxr, send explanation videos via Loom and for those sticky tech moments we can arrange a 'screen share' tutorial.

What's included?

"I always felt mentally and, dare I say, spiritually, refreshed after our sessions."

"Before I booked coaching sessions with Emma, I was very sceptical about asking for outside help in my creative journey. Now I wish I had done it sooner! Emma’s lyrical style of coaching does not show you the door to creative enlightenment. Instead, it shows you something far more powerful - that you are already holding the key to that door and the only permission you need to open it is your own."

What they're saying

"Your focus on showing up authentic helps me to stay true to myself."

"In the world of social media that can be hard to come by and it is easy to lose your way through the hype. I want to stay on the path of honest communication and I am taking one step at a time to unfold." 

"I highly recommend Emma to any highly creative person who seeks a safe sounding board, an expert friend, someone who’s walked the walk."

This is for you if...

You have a creative story you'd like to explore

but starting a creative business seems too complicated

You’re aching for the freedom of creative expression

but don't know how to build a blog or website

you are so DAMN ready for creative adventure! 

If you have any inquiries about how we could work together, or if you'd like to say hi and find out if we have the right vibes for each other, please just shoot me an email or book a 15-minute call.

For all the details, get in touch!

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